Dallas Pro-Life Rally-1/17/2009

This was by far the largest turnout of pro-lifers I have seen in at any pro-life event in Dallas.  We at Free Market Foundation are sponsors of this event every year and it has continued to grow.  Some estimates reached 5000.  It had its usual mixture of Christian denominations with inspiring words spoken by Pastor Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Dallas, and Bishop of Kevin Joseph Farrell of the Diocese of Dallas.  The rally portion ended with a bang with the strong and passionate words of Texas Senator Dan Patrick.  He made the clever comment of being comfortable among Catholics and Protestants when he revealed that his wife is Catholic and he is Protestant.  Who knew?  Anyway, his words were strong and full of vigor, which led us into our march from the Downtown Cathedral to the Federal Courthouse where Roe v. Wade was filed.  That’s a good reminder for us all, Roe v. Wade started in Texas.  That is the theme of this march and rally-“It began in Dallas.  Let’s end it in Dallas.”  As we walked on the downtown streets, i waited to look at the crowds in front of me.  I have never seen such a long line of people crowd up and walk through the streets of Dallas.  As you can see below, I couldn’t help but start a few good ‘ol chants of “Hey-hey, hey-ho, Roe v. Wade has go to go!”  The young people liked it were happy to join in with me for a little while.  I think it’s very important to show some passion and discontent in these types of settings.  We want people to know, we are not happy with the way innocent lives are destroyed everyday.

We ended at the courthouse, with the singing of partiotic songs  and prayer.  Two things we need most to remind us of what’s important.

Thanks to Karen Garnett, Kyleen Wright, Ann Hettinger, all at the Catholic Pro-Life Committee, First Baptist Dallas, Bishop Farrell, Pastor Jeffress, Sen. Patrick and many more for such an excellent event!




Jonathan with Sen. Dan Patrick of Houston, author of Ultrasound Bill (SB 182)

Jonathan with Sen. Dan Patrick of Houston, author of Ultrasound Bill (SB 182)Jonathan joins other Pro-lifers in sharing his disapproval of Roe v. Wade

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