Monthly Archives: July 2015

Texas Shines Light on Planned Parenthood

July 30, 2015
Topic: Pro-Life
In the past few weeks, the Center for Medical Progress has posted horrific video footage of Planned Parenthood executives discussing the sale of baby body parts....

AG Opinion Request: Are State Agencies Violating Texas Marriage Laws?

July 28, 2015
The fallout of the U.S. Supreme Court’s egregious same-sex ‘marriage’ decision continues to build. Just days after the Court’s Obergefel decision, the Employee Retirement System of...

Gianna Jessen Joins 7-25-15 edition of Texas Values Report

July 27, 2015
Topic: Pro-Life
On the  7-25-15 edition of the “Texas Values Report with Jonathan Saenz,” Jonathan talked with abortion survivor Gianna Jessen about her story in light of the recent Planned...

Late Term Abortion Survivor to Speak on Planned Parenthood Videos

July 23, 2015
Topic: Pro-Life
7-27 Update: Listen to her Texas Values Report interview here. In light of the recent Planned Parenthood videos that have surfaced, where top officials were caught...

Homosexuals Want to Remove “Mother” and “Father” From All Birth Certificates

July 14, 2015
Earlier this year, Rep. Rafael Anchia introduced HB 537 which would have removed of the words “Mother” and “Father” from Texas adoption birth certificates. The bill...

Texas Clerk Still Stands for Religious Freedom, Frivolous Lawsuit Filed

Hood County Clerk Katie Lang has maintained her position regarding her sincerely held religious beliefs as she clearly stated last week, that other staff members in...

Texans Rally to Support Religious Freedom of Christian County Clerk

July 2, 2015
Today, in a strong showing of support for religious freedom, Texans rallied in downtown Granbury to support Hood County Clerk Katie Lang. Two hundred people attended the rally with...