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One Vote Matters – Share Video!

April 26, 2012
Topic: Elections , Videos
One Vote Matters! Make sure you are registered to vote, invite your friends and family to register to vote, and access your voters guide at Vote...

New Texas Legislative Update Design

April 24, 2012
Topic: Update
We are excited to announce that a new design is coming soon to the Texas Legislative Update. And, the new domain will simply be (instead of  We...

Remember San Jacinto

April 21, 2012
Topic: Update
Today, Texans celebrate the anniversary of the Battle of San Jacinto. 176 years ago, in a swift and decisive battle, independence was secured from Mexico. San...

Religious Liberty Platform Resolution

April 20, 2012
Attention all grassroots supporters of Religious Liberty.  Party Platforms are going to be written as the parties prepare for the State (and National) conventions this year....

House Committee Hearing on State Board of Education – More Members?

April 17, 2012
Topic: SBOE
The Texas House Committee on Redistricting met today. Chair Solomons says the hearing will be about the population numbers/size of the 15 SBOE districts, and not... Has Launched – Vote Informed!

April 16, 2012
Topic: Elections
Would you hire an employee without first looking at their resume? Of course not. So why would you vote for a candidate without first knowing where...

Planned Parenthood defunded from WHP, Activists Lash Out

April 14, 2012
Topic: Pro-Life , Update
In response to the state of Texas enforcing its own law, the Obama Administration threatened to shut down the Women’s Health Program (WHP) and it is...

Texas and National Teen Birth Rates Drop To Historic Lows

April 12, 2012
A new National Center for Health Statistics report about U.S. teen birth rates and those of Texas teens offers new evidence that Texas’ abstinence-based sex education...

Trial Begins Today on Austin Pregnancy Resource Center Ordinance

April 9, 2012
Topic: Legal
We’re representing three pregnancy centers against the City of Austin in court today, combatting their targeted effort against charitable centers that are pro-life.

“Under God” License Plate Now Avaliable

April 2, 2012
The “One State Under God” license plate, which features a picture of Calvary Hill, is now available for order online from the Texas Department of Motor...