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Liberty Prevailed in 2010: Your Help & Support Made A Difference!

December 31, 2010
Topic: Elections , Update
There’s still time to make a donation to Liberty Institute before the end of 2010.  We are a nonprofit, 501 (c)(3) organization.  Click here to donate...

More Opposition to Joe Straus for Texas Speaker; New Endorsements For Ken Paxton For Speaker-Add Texas Alliance for Life & Texas Republican Assembly to the List

December 29, 2010
Topic: Update
Joe Straus for Speaker campaign looks weaker and weaker every day as more opposition to his  role as Texas Speaker of the House, grows. Joe Straus...

Texas Conservative Coalition Leader Endorses Paxton for Texas Speaker of the House, Other Join

December 21, 2010
Topic: Update
See full release here. TxConservativeLeaderEndorsesPaxton

Teach The Truth! Science Censorship Must Be Stopped

December 17, 2010
Topic: SBOE , Update
Let Academic Freedom Ring-No Science Censorship! Your help is needed to stop the censorship efforts of the liberal left, when it comes to open teaching about...

Hays County GOP: Vote Against Joe Straus

December 15, 2010
Topic: Update
According to the Hays Free Press, the Hays County GOP has passed a resolution asking newly elected State Representative, Jason Isaac, to vote against Joe Straus...

Speaker Joe Straus Defections Continue: Rep. Randy Weber Withdraws His Support From Straus

December 14, 2010
Topic: Update
From Rep. Randy Weber’s Facebook page:  “Well, I have formally requested that Speaker Joe Straus take me off of his pledged list. My District has spoken...

Deeper Joe Straus Ties to Planned Parenthood Shown By AAS PolitiFact Article

December 13, 2010
Topic: Update
PolitiFact Texas, which writes articles for the Austin American-Statesman, has released its latest results of a “fact check”.  Seems that Donna Garner and Texas Eagle Forum...

Texas Right to Life Blasts Joe Straus, Urges Opposition to Current Speaker

December 10, 2010
Topic: Update
Texas Right to Life uses great details in their latest email to explain why Joe Straus is not pro-life and why he should not be supported...

GOP Leaders Ask Joe Straus to Step Down/Resign as Speaker

December 9, 2010
Topic: Elections , Update
Johnson County GOP votes for resolution to have  Joe Straus resign as Speaker due to ethics allegations related to his position. Local Texas House member,...

Transgender Bill Filed by Texas Democrat: Will Joe Straus Support This Bill?

December 8, 2010
Topic: Update
SB 245,a Texas bill filed by Democrat Sen. Wendy Davis, (D-Fort Worth), purports to address bullying and harassment in public schools. But it goes farther than that by...