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Marriage Strengthening Bill: Key to “Happily Ever After”

February 27, 2009
Topic: Update
Rep. Warren Chisum (R-Pampa) has filed a marriage strengthening bill, HB 480, which we are strongly supporting and will be working to help it become law...

Planned Parenthood Buddies Attack Abstinence: What a Shock?

February 25, 2009
Topic: Update
Texas Freedom Network, a liberal group founded by the current head of Planned Parenthood and former Chief of Staff of Nancy Pelosi (now that’s liberal), Cecile...

Live! Pro-Life Lobby Day Update

February 24, 2009
Topic: Update
Watch the video of the Press Conference.  Visit and click Feb. 24 — Press Conference – Senator Dan Patrick. Over 300 Pro-Life advocates descended on the...

Pro-Life Lobby Day Moved to South Steps of the Capitol at 10 A.M.!! Expected Attendance Exceeded!!

February 23, 2009
Topic: Update
 Tomorrow is Pro-Life Lobby Day at the Capitol, and due to the large number of people who have expressed interest in attending, all morning events have...

Fast & Furious Day Ends at the Capitol (for us at least)

February 20, 2009
Topic: Update
Do you know about Pro-Life Lobby Day at the Capitol?  You should by now with all the attention it is getting.  Finished tying up some loose...

SBOE Member Slams Chronicle, Rejects Censorship

February 19, 2009
Topic: Update
Texas SBOE member Terri Leo sounds off about censorship by some scientists and the “liberal news media,” setting the record straight on the Science & Censorship issue...

Taylor Selected as House Republican Caucus Chairman

February 18, 2009
Topic: Update
Earlier today, Texas House Member Larry Taylor (R-Friendswood) was selected as the House Republican Caucus Chairman.  Rep. Larry Taylor is a solid pro-life, pro-family conservative. Other...

Key House Bills Referred to Committees

February 17, 2009
HB 36-Rep. Corte- Ultrasound & Heartbeat Bill Relating to informed consent to an abortion. 2/12/2009 H Referred to State Affairs HB 44-Rep. Corte- Sign Required regarding...

700+ Scientists Are Skeptical of Darwin’s Evolution; Senator Says Censor SBOE

February 16, 2009
Topic: Update
Advocates of censorship don’t want you to click this link.  Scientists included from Harvard, Duke, Yale, Stanford, Princeton, Texas, Texas A & M. Baylor, Rice…

Gov. Perry Announces Research Grant, Praises Adult Stem Cells

February 13, 2009
Topic: Update
“Commercialization of adult stem cell research will provide much-needed solutions for Texans suffering from various tissue and organ disorders while protecting the unborn from exploitation,” Gov....